I can not enable the NetVM

Hi, excuse me for bad English. I am new here, and I am beginner in Qubic OS and Linux, there are only few days when I installed the Qubes OS on my old pc with CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor, MB: MSI 760GM-E51(MS-7596), VGA: AMD Radeon HD 5450. At the start of the isntallation I get an error message regarding to the hardware compatibility, but I checked, in the BIOS it is activated the virtualisation.
My big problem is the following: the NetVM it is disabled by default, and I can not activate it, to have access to the internet. I created a cube “sys-net” i chosed “provide network for other cubes” and I added the service “network manager”. Then I created an other cube, named “untrusted”. Ant I started this cube, configured on sys-net, but the sys-net have NetVM default (n/a) and I can not access to the internet! :frowning: What can I do to have connection to the internet? What must be configured? Please help me! If you can step-by step instruction, because I am beginner in Linux and Qubes OS. Thank you in advance!