HVM "proper" mode

Hi personas,

I have ported my pentest VM on my Qubes install and face the following situtation.

I want to use the VM same way as virt-manager, where the resolutions get recalculated when on fullscreen and keystrokes are isolated. I have a i3-like key-mapping for moving stuff around workspaces and want to have that on my vm as well. In general, I want my workflows in that vm to be isolated from the rest of the system (as I’m used) for focus.

Has anyone achieved this proper HVM workflow? Are there any tips towards this direction?


To explain better, the interest lies into something like how an rdp/vnc client (remmina) handles fullscreen mode.

“Could I make an HVM start headless and then RDP/VNC on top of it” might be an alternate better question.