HVM dependencies and connectivity

I used QubesOS for a month now but never had a lot of time spent messing with HVMs. However, I was recently thinking about adding a Garuda Linux HVM among my qubes, and by surfing the Internet I saw multiple times that HVMs could have issues with USB connectivity and networking.
So does anyone know what packages to install inside HVMs or things to do to make HVMs work fine with external devices and networks ? Thanks

Unless you figure out how to install Qubes tools in Garuda, you may not be able to attach single USB devices to it. You should still be able to attach the whole USB controller if this something you would be happy with.

If the networking doesn’t work, you can try to figure out how to set it up manually in Garuda. If you open “Settings” for your HVM, it should provide the necessary networking information (IP, gateway, etc.) in the “Basic” tab.

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Thanks ! I’ll learn more about these solutions :+1: