HP ZBook 15 and EFI

Does anyone have success with installing Qubes on HP ZBook 15 (G1) in UEFI-mode?
During installation, it freezes during creating UEFI structures on harddisk. After hard reset (only possible option, because no mouse movement, keyboard entry and so on are possible), xen.cfg is empty, no initramfs is created (it freezes quite before the creation).
All tipps from https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/uefi-troubleshooting/ does not help, only option currently is installing in legacy bios mode. In this mode, all functionality works as expected.
Additional findings: If UEFI mode installation fails, booting into rescue mode after hard reset. Calling efibootmgr freezes the system also.

You need to disable all security features on the BIOS, and then disable the GPU as well. Try this, if you still need help.

Thanks, i’ll try it and post the results. It can be a little timely, because i have something to do on that system currently, but if i have time, i’ll try a new install.

Sure. Can you send your YML file?

Sorry for being very late. I have tried the EFI-based installation several times, no success. If i switch off all security features and also the NVIDIA-GPU (so that only the Chipset GPU is present), only success with legacy bios.
Attached my YML…
Qubes-HCL-Hewlett_Packard-HP_ZBook_15-20210721-090816.yml (948 Bytes)