How to use qubesctl to update qubes?

I was reading this in order to learn how to update the dom0 and other qubes templates from the command line.

However, I issued the command

$ qubesctl update.qubes-dom0

but the terminal responded by,

[WARNING] Failed to open log file, do you have permission to write to /var/log/salt/minion?

After that, the terminal prompt was waiting, so I pressed Ctrl+C to interrupt it, assuming the command needed sudo in front of it.

But now I have QubesOS as a whole being frozen and unresponsive on me.

So, does one need to issue those update commands on the terminal via sudo? And one needs to issue those commands from the dom0 terminal, right?

Okay, so, I found this help page: Salt (management software) | Qubes OS

Which really explains how to use the command line to update the dom0 and the templates, and from which terminal to run those commands.

This helped me in succeeding updating the dom0 from terminal.