How to update the copy/paste key combination in 4.1?

How can I update the copy/paste key combination in 4.1? Is it still guid.conf file?

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I saw a GUI for this, look in the Qubes Global Settings tool, Clipboard defaults section.

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I’m curious what you’re thinking of updating to— I’ve enjoyed the standard, but would be open to other options.

I have it as Windows key +c or v in my current setup.


Ah, found it, but these is no way to add anything custom there. Only a few given option.

This is the way.

I use dom0 as my guivm, so this changes the clipboard shortcuts to Mod4-c and Mod4-v:

qvm-features dom0 gui-default-secure-copy-sequence 'Mod4-c'
qvm-features dom0 gui-default-secure-paste-sequence 'Mod4-v'

I had to restart for it to accept the new shortcut.


  1. man qvm-features “gui-, gui-default-” section.
  2. comments at top of guid.conf