How to update graphics card in qubes

I need to update my Nvidia card and I was wondering how would I do this in qubes.
Or does dom0 know what it needs to install when it updates it’s kernel.

Could someone explain please?

Thank you for your to time

NVM guys, I have done my research and need to think about this because as of right now my qubes runs flawless on my existing Nvidia GPU…

Why would you need to change the GPU for Qubes? AppVMs use a software-only (CPU-based) implementation of OpenGL. It’s necessary for Qubes OS GUI isolation. Related issue. Unless you have two GPUs and want to make a passthrough, it will hardly affect anything.

You see here in is my problem.
I understand this OpenGL (cpu-based) BUT my server while it has Intel CPU their is NO onboard video controller, none… The only way I have any type you video is through my Nvidia GPU pci-16, that’s it. So this old Nvidia card can’t support higher resolutions that I want.

So I am trying to understand how this is working being I only have Nvidia GPU card. No video controller on motherboard. I have to plug directly into Nvidia card to have video.

Unless someone in the qubes team figured out how to pass-through Nvidia, which I highly doubt…