How to troubleshoot wake from suspend

My laptop is an older Thinkpad T430 i5. I have a fresh install of 4.1 (after dom0 updates) which works well. However, when I close the laptop lid and the system suspends, it won’t wake up when I open the lid. The screen is dark, the power button is blinking on and off and is unresponsive to keypresses. Trying to switch to another screen with Ctrl-Shift-F2 (or any other key combination) does nothing.

Is there any way I can try to troubleshoot this? Any logs to examine? Any other advice on getting this to work?


I have this issue on my i7-1065G7 laptop as well. It’s the same with both R4.0 and R4.1–both display the same symptoms as @tel’s case, but the backlight is on.

Could this be related to my inability to restart the system? Restarting leads to an unresponsive blank screen (with backlight) after the Qubes shutdown screen is ‘done’.

@tel @fiftyfourthparallel

In system-tools → power manager I think on default it was everything on hibernate, and I put it to suspend mode and now everything is working fine. Try with that and tell me

No, nothing so simple, I’m afraid. For whatever reason, booting to UEFI was the issue. When I boot to legacy BIOS, all works as expected.


@fiftyfourthparallel are you booting with UEFI or legacy mode ?

Sorry. I responded here in error.

oh ok :joy:

@tel, I’ve got the same problem too, but on a GPD Pocket 3 with an i7-1195G7.

What happens if you boot normally, close the lid and let it sleep, open the lid and let it wake up, and then plug in an external display?


My internal display stays black and illuminated, but the external monitor works fine, and this survives multiple sleep/wake sequences.

If I restart lightdm, the display turns off and on, but the screen still stays black and illuminated.

Also, there is absolutely nothing at all in journalctl about i915 or any other errors when the system resumes.

But the internal display stays black….

Interesting! I don’t have an external display to try at the moment, but when I do, I’ll test and reply.

Another thing you could do is you could use your computer “blind” to see if it responds.

  1. Sleep your computer
  2. Wake it up
  3. When the display illuminates, go to tty2 (Alt + Ctrl + F2)
  4. You’d now be at the getty login screen. Type in your username and press Enter.
  5. Type in your password and press Enter.
  6. You’d now be at a shell. Type sudo reboot

Give it up to 3 minutes before you hard reset. If your machine reboots, then it’s just the display.

You have to sort of “visualise” what would be on the screen, and mash the delete key or press Ctrl + C if you make any typing errors.

It might be worth giving that a go to see :slight_smile:

Got the same issue on my Thinkpad X1nano i5 with a fresh install of 4.1.
Tried Suspend/resume troubleshooting | Qubes OS but no luck…