How to test the upcoming 4.1 Release?

I know 4.1 is still in development.

From looking at it says to test new releases I have to build using qubes-builder.

It also links to but I don’t see any ISOs there.

I’ve built 4.0 some time ago and it took forever (slow internet, slow computer, etc), so I’d rather just spend the time downloading an ISO.

Are there starter ISOs I’m not seeing? Since 4.1 is in active development, I assume I just want to grab an install ISO for 4.1 (doesn’t have to be too recent) and continually update dom0 and templates.

What’s the best way to start getting into release 4.1 testing?



Thanks @wobo.

I’m embarrassed, I now see that I was supposed to click on the green circle of a build test, then go to Logs & Assets to get the link to the ISO file. Clicking on the row itself did nothing.

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Is there a way to verify these ISO’s?

Is there a way to verify these ISO’s?
No, the build infrastructure for them is not considered trusted.

Hi @icequbes1! There is now a new category for discussions of the upcoming 4.1 release. I’ve moved this topic there.

In case anyone finds this in the near future, if you want to download an ISO signed by the Qubes team, see here: