How to test the adaptability of Qubes on the computer?

I successfully runing qubes on my computer, although the process was not easy. For example, I modified the efi file so that the motherboard can recognize the qubes, and I removed the enternet device from sys-net because “cant reset pci device”.I used “kernel-latest” to install qubes.
What I am more worried about is, although the qubes is really running, is it really working properly? I don’t know much about technology. According to the test method provided by the official website, I used “qubes-hcl-report ” in dom0 to generate a report.
HVM, IOMMU, and SLAT all display “yes”, and TPM displays “unknow”. It’s not clear to me what the other options mean.
How should I test qubes? Should I be concerned about potential misfits compromising my privacy?

First of all, Qubes is not about privacy. It’s all about security. Then, if you’re “successfully running Qubes” following official “how-to’s” to set it up, there shouldn’t be much to worry about. I can’t see any other dangers in the default setup then the ones that fall under “reasonably secure OS”.

At the end, whenever I’d have some doubts, I’d ask myself is it about Qubes, or distros under Qubes, as well as how would I test other OS. Can I be ever sure?
I doubt anything much more (“much more” emphasized) can be done out there then with the Qubes successfully running on my hardware.

P.S. If “cant reset pci device" why don’t you strictly reset it in a device tab when assigned to a sys-net? I’d say further thorough reading is needed here.

Thanks,tempmail.sorry for the late reply.
The idea you provide, which is very useful for me.
Regarding PCI devices, as far as I know, the device on sys-net defaults to open the Strict-Reset mode. Only when the reset is false, it will choose to close it, but this will bring a greater attack surface. So I simply removed the device that was never used from sys-net.

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