How to Shrink Qubes

I am sorry if this was answered before, but my searches had no results.

After using Qubes for some time, I have discovered that I need some applications to run outside of it on the same device. As I installed Qubes on the whole storage, I now need to shrink the partition of qubes.

How can I do that safely?

  • I am using the default disk encryption
  • Qubes is currently my only OS (I want to install a second one next to it)

Thank you!

You could shrink the LVM volume group and then shrink the LUKS volume to leave some space at the end of the disk. Make sure to do proper backups before as it’s always risky (or absolutely complicated to fix).

A linux livecd with the Gparted program may be able to help you with the resize through a partition GUI tool.

Another solution is to add another disk to your computer when possible.


Thanks for the quick response!

Shrinking thin pool is not supported officially.
There is this tool but I’m not sure how safe is it:

So I guess the only certain way is to reinstall.

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Do you think this tutorial could fit for shrinking the lvm thin pool of qubes?

No, that won’t work for thin pools.

Oh, still thanks for looking into it! I’m pretty inexperienced with such operations…