How to setup a web dev qube

I’m learning web development, and I’m looking for a way to set a Qube for this and as well I need one for C++

Currently, I’m thinking about this in 2 ways:

  • Make a Qube based on the Debian template and install on it Brew.
  • Make a full vm and set it up normally(Like I would configure on other Linux distros)

What should I go for and why?


Brew works by downloading locally (good in a template based qube), and
symlinking in to /usr/local - again good because those directories are
stored under /rw and are specific to each qube. You’ll want to increase
Private storage.
That’s a very good fit for Qubes.

Again, a good option.

Which should you go for?
A template based qube is easy to update, simple to clone, and takes fewer
resources than a standalone. I almost always go this route.
Where we might differ is that I would use a clone of the Debian
template, and install packages there - this allows me to spin up
numerous qubes as needed to try out different approaches. This might not
be something of interest to you.

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