How to run search in AppVm / DVM from dom0?

I know it would use something like:

sudo qvm-run -a media firefox --new-tab --search ??

but I am obviously doing something wrong as I cannot figure the exact text I would use to pass the term/text to firefox?
Ultimately I want to be able to run a search directly from rofi

after some more searching I found a rofi-web-search py script I think it would be great… except I am even less sure how to execute it from dom0?

the instructions are for binding it to kyes in i3:

bindsym --release $mod+x exec --no-startup-id rofi -lines 10 -padding 0 -show search -modi search:~/bin/ -i -p "Search: "

I am not sure if I would be adding qvm-run firefox etc in the file, or in the config.xresources

would love to get this going but am stuck…

qvm-run -a media “firefox --new-tab --search ‘what time is it in london?’”

Thanks for that and it worked!

I guess the next question is how can I say use that in a .desktop file? like pass “what time is it in london” or whatever else to firefox, or in this case pass it to (maybe stdin? sorry am not sure about the correct term).

Maybe I should update the title to “how to run web search from rofi”?

It won’t work. I just looked at and what it does.
Since you don’t have network in dom0 the script won’t be able to
interface with the search engine of your choice … hence it won’t be
able to give you results to choose from.

Thats unfortunate, but thanks for confirming that.
Perhaps I am “aiming too high”? I dont really need suggestions, would be totally fine with being able to pass a search to firefox in an appvm, would that be possible with rofi? I figured it out using the xfce launcher awhile back but cant find the post/email thread (had to ask for help on that too if i recall correctly).

Can you not adapt this?
qvm-run -a "firefox --new-tab --search "?

I think I am not clear on what it is you are trying to achieve.

Maybe using sys-gui would work, but i haven’t tested it.

i think, something like search bar in desktop.

Sorry for the ambiguity.

I am hoping to use rofi to launch a search. So I could open rofi, type (example):
personal firefox

or maybe a keyword:

or could be a rofi mode? That is, you can have different modes in rofi like combi, drun, window so maybe a “search mode”?

Ultimately I am trying to have the option to quickly do a search, in either a specific appvm or could just be a dedicated vm (dvm?) without having to first open a browser, go to the search site, then type the phrase etc (not that those steps are huge, just for my workflow being able to say type something like:


and then have the results pop up in a browser would be really convenient.

sys gui? am not familar with that, is it a v4.1 thing?

but yes, effectively something like a search bar in the desktop, except ideally I could launch the search from a launcher like rofi.

I went back to the settings manager → xfce app finder → custom actions, and it has various examples/patterns added by default most using “exo-open”, so typing:


which would apparently execute:

exo-open --launch WebBrowser

so i guess I am hoping to do something similar in rofi, that is be able to type !w (or whatever) and run something like a duckduckgo search in say a dvm?

Sorry for the ambiguity.

Right, and you want to do this in dom0?
Why cant you simply script a simple search using qvm-run?
qvm-run -a <qube> "firefox --new-tab --search <search terms> " ?

If you use a dedicated search qube (or disposable qube) then it’s even
easier, as you only need to pass in the search terms.
But, I still don’t get it.

You want to type something - to get “search” or “search mode” - then type
in the search terms, hit enter, and read the results in a browser window
in a new qube.
Why don’t you just make a keyboard shortcut to open a browser in a new
qube at ddg? Then type in the search terms, hit enter, and read the
results. It’s the same number of key presses, and possibly a little
I must be missing something.

I am hoping to do something similar in rofi

Hi @stumpi would you agree that your original question has been answered
("How to run search in AppVm / DVM from dom0? ")?

The question that remains is if and how rofi can be customized to invoke
the qvm-run command. I suspect this is indeed possible, but maybe more
appropriately discussed at