How to restore system

Hello everyone

I installed (the fantastic one - thanks team) Qubes OS on an ssd to make it my default os. Everything works fine but I made backup and restore testing before definitely taking the plunge and I would like to have more information.

I would like to know what is actually backed up from dom0 because I saw that some changes I had made were apparently not saved (eg configuration file for PCI issues, configuration of my screens …).

I would also like to know in the event that I change the ssd for example, how I should manage the re-installation and the restoration of my templates and appvm. Can I install nothing except dom0 and restore the rest? And in this case are there any commands to pass in the dom0?

Thanks in advance

At least last time I checked, it only backs up only the dom0’s home.

You can try out the restore procedure without actually restoring anything by following step 6. of the backup procedure.

But basically you can select which VMs you restore, I believe.

If I remember correctly all the restore of dom0 does is put on your home directory a directory with all your previous home dir had.


This is correct. I’ve just added a note about this to the docs, as well as information about how you can replace current files in dom0 with those from the backup, if you so choose:


Thank you for your answers, I can see more clearly now.

I have an other question about backups, is there any security risk in using Clonezilla to back up my entire system (even if the backup is done on an encrypted disk that does not leave my home) ?

Would you mind opening this up as a new topic? (Just so it is easier for others to find if they have a similar issue)

It’s done

This is still not clear to me. I’m just learning from experience that the only part of dom0 that is backed up/restored is /home/

Your addition to the docs clearly explains how the /home/ restore works, but it does not make it clear that you must backup any other changes to dom0 outside of /home/ separately.

@scallyob you can always make a change proposal to the docs.

done, i submitted a proposed addition to the docs