How to remove package in dom0 safely?

Today, I installed both of kde-partition-manager and blivet-gui in dom0 to check out the usability. After all I’ve chose kde. And now, I want to remove blivet but afraid that will broken dom0. Is there any ways to remove package safely?

Has anyone can answer me…? :sob:

I don’t know your skill level…

dnf remove <package> will remove a package after a confirmation request. dnf history will show the install/remove history. dnf info <package> will show the information about a package…

The best advice? Read and understand the dnf man page. I use a lot of distributions, so the ArchLinux rosetta helps me. The rpm command can also help.

First you remove the blivet-gui package, and after the non-used dependencies. In fact, when you installed blivet-gui, it also installed related dependencies. So you should find theses installed dependencies and with a reverse-dependency find if other packages use these dependencies. If not used, read the package description. If you are confident that the package seems useless, then remove it, else keep it.
dnf autoremove can also do the job.

Actions on dom0 are dangerous if you don’t understand what you do. So if you are not confident to do the remove action, then don’t do it, just keep blivet-gui.