How to reduce system storage max size of template

I recently wanted to increase the size of my anon-whonix qube and made the mistake of also increasing the “system storage max size” of my whonix-ws template.

I think this actually reduced the overall memory available on my computer, (I guess the system storage doesn’t use thin volumes) and I’m wondering if there’s a way to reduce the system storage max size of my whonix-ws without corrupting my anon-whonix qube, or the used memory in my whonix-ws.

From the “resize disk image” page on the qubes website, it says “there are risks attached to reducing the size of an image”, I assume you might delete the blocks of memory that are actually in use.

I know now, that I should have only increased the “private storage max size” of my anon-whonix qube and I should have left the whonix-ws system storage max size alone.

Could anyone tell me a safe way to reduce my system storage max size on whonix-ws?

It sounds like you saw this page already, but did you have a look at this specific section?

It sounds like it contains the answer to your question.