How to prevent fedora-33 from internal kernel updates

Hi all,
I was wondering…as I understand the kernel for the templates-vm/app-vm is provided through xen-hypervisor. So why does fedora-33 download respectively update an internal kernel. Is there a way to prevent that since it is not needed?

Thanks in advance!

There are occasions when you may want to use the native kernel rather
than the Qubes provided one.

Is there a way to prevent it anyway?

Perhaps this may be helpful: Managing VM kernel | Qubes OS.

You can stop any package from being updated as you choose.

In Fedora,edit /etc/dnf/dnf.conf and add a line like this in the [main]

You can use wild cards here, (kernel*): it will apply to all
You can also override this setting by using includepkgs in a
repository definition: there’s interplay between wildcards in the two
And you can override this by using dnf --disableexcludes=main.

In Debian, you mark the package with a hold :
sudo apt-mark hold <package_name>
sudo apt-mark showhold will (obviously) show you what is on hold.
sudo apt-mark unhold <package_name> will…

In Arch, edit pacman.conf, and use IgnorePkg = .. or IgnoreGroup =


Man thanks for the reply that was helpful!

IIRC you can just uninstall it.

Of course e.g. standalone VM clones won’t work anymore.

Tried that as well…works fine for me…thanks.