How to open domU programs in bspwm?

I can launch applications and interact normally with them for dom0, but not other Qubes.
I can run applications from qvm-run or rofi, but nothing appears. The VMs start, which I can tell by the system load, but nothing pops up. If I log out and switch to i3 all windows appear there.
So there must be some binary to launch or config to tweak here.


Qubes has specific packages for XFCE, KDE and i3 to allow them to work
with Qubes. It has (among other things I suppose) to do with the window
decorations / qube colors. There is no such package / support for bspwm.

If you are a developer and really interested in getting bspwm to work
with Qubes you can of course study e.g. how i3 was configured to work
with Qubes and then do the same for bspwm. If that’s not something you
are comfortable with, you might be out of luck.

BTW, there is also a task under way to enable GNOME desktop (someone is
actively working on this).

Looks like there are dozens of users who have got it working. The package is in the contrib repo so it should be manageable setting it up. And if I remember correctly window decorations are present as well.

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Oh cool! Sorry, I was unaware. Best of luck!