How to move logical volume from old disk to qubes


After silly mistake - adding device to sys-usb (non-volatile memory controller, I thought it is card reader), the qubes crashed and was unable to boot. So I booted live mint, but I did not found what to change to remove device from sys-usb. So I decided to dd disk to image on secondary disk and then reinstalled qubes.

I renamed volume group on secondary disk to qubes_dom0_old and now I see all volumes in qubes_dom0 and qubes_dom_old.
Now the problem is how to move volumes from old disk to internal - I did not find a way.
I tried:

vgsplit -n qubes_dom0_old/vm-work-private qubes-dom0_old qubes_dom0

But this say error: Duplicate volume name “pool00” in “qubes_dom0” and “qubes_dom0_old”

Thanks for help