How to Manually Set up Network in a Standalone VM

I’m trying to install the Arch-based Linux distro Hyperbola in a VM. I already have a networking VM that provides Internet access to all my other VMs.

I am following the “Wired” subsection of the ‘Connect to the Internet’ section of the Hyperbola installation guide (which is here: en:manual:reference_installation [HyperWiki]).

I’m assuming I have to set up a static ip address. So I used the IP and Netmask that are listed in the ‘Net qube’ section of the Hyperbola VM’s Settings to first add my IP address:

ip addr add ip_address/subnetmask dev interface_name

The next step is to add the gateway. I used the Gateway address from the VM Settings, similar to what I did in the previous step:

ip route add default via ip_address

At this point, I received the following error:
Error: Nexthop has invalid gateway.

I did look up this error, but it seems I’d have to learn a lot more networking to understand what is being discussed. The Qubes documentation lacks specifics on network configuration.

Is there a simple explanation as to what I should do next?

The correct way to set the gateway is

ip route add default via gateway_ip_address dev interface_name onlink