How to manuall add usb devices to dom0

Hi I just installed sys-usb.
My audio interface which is connected with usb also is in sys-usb
But Can it be attached to dom0 like keyboard and mouse?

Keyboard and Mouse could be configured in /etc/qubes-rpc/policy with qubes.InputKeyboard and qubes.InputMouse file like this

sys-usb dom0 allow, user=root

How can I manually add my audio interface to dom0? So I can listen from any app-vm without attaching to app-vm

No. You’d have to keep the USB controller where your audio device is connected in dom0.

You could apply some security policies to devices to that controller via [usbguard]. Qubes does that under certain circumstances in 4.1 as well, but it doesn’t work so well yet.


Thanks for the top @tripleh. U am very interested in using usbguard. Can you please tell us a bit more about policies with examples, or to point us to a links with such?
Thank you in advance