How to list VMs by pool?

I need to list all VMs in pool00 for a crontab backup script.

These commands are not helpful:
qvm-ls --help-columns
qvm-prefs --help-properties
because there is no pool setting in qvm-prefs.

How to list VMs by pool?

any better variant then that (all VMs on LVM [pool00]):

sudo lvscan | \
    grep -- '-private' | \
    cut -d"'" -f2 | \
    xargs -I{} basename {} |\
    sed -e 's/-snap//' \
      -e 's/-private//' \
      -e 's/-[0-9]*-back//' \
      -e 's/^vm-//' |\
    grep -Ev "^root$|^swap$|^pool00$|^default-mgmt-dvm$" |\
    sort -u
$ qvm-volume list --pool NAME

NAME must refer to a Qubes storage pool, which can be different than the name of the underlying LVM pool. To see what storage pools you have:

$ qvm-pool list
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