How to install Windows on the latest Qubes?

I was following steps from but failing on 1th 2 step " Installation

  1. Download the installation script by opening the link, right-clicking and then selecting “Save [Page] as…”
  2. Copy into Dom0 by running the following command in Dom0:
  • qvm-run -p --filter-escape-chars --no-color-output <name_of_qube_script_is_located_on> "cat '/home/user/Downloads/'" >"
    Saving file to qubes Work downloads and when trying to copy in to dom0 geting error no such file directory found

I think there is a Qubes windows tools to install the Windows OS into Qubes. I think there is a command in dom0 terminal by inputting sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-windows-tools; instead of using the installation script.

Thank you for the help. But that didn’t solved my problem i just can’t find working tutorial to instal windows in to qubes 4.1.1 :neutral_face: Ok i installed windows tools whats the next steps?

Have a look at Installing a Windows VM and Qubes Windows Tools.

The descriptions there apply also to Qubes R4.1.1.

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