How to inherit /rw/ directory to TemplateBasedVMs?

Home directory can be put in /etc/skel, but I don’t know of a way to make /rw/ being inherited from my TemplateVMs.

You probably need to read up on how inheritance and persistence works on Qubes and perhaps also bind-dirs:

If after understanding that your issues do persist, feel free to ask more questions.

Looks like you linked bind-dirs twice.
I’ve read that one and tried modifying /etc/qubes-bind-dirs.d (intermediate priority, for template wide configuration) in the Template but BasedVMs won’t inherit those directories/files.

Edit: ~ sudo /usr/lib/qubes/init/
No TemplateBasedVM/DisposableVM detected. Exiting.

Seems like bind-dirs is out of the question here.
And I don’t think the other doc mentions anything about my issue either

Whoops. Fixed.

I haven’t played around with these too much yet. So you might have done already more than I did. Hopefully can give you more advice on this.

One way to do it is with my Qubes-VM-Hardening project. It runs a
service at startup time that can perform a number of configurable
operations… one of them is to copy a skel-like folder from under the
root path (the template) into a path you specify.

You could also emulate this behavior with your own system startup script
and designate a special folder under /etc for instance to hold your
source files.