How to increase size of qubes_dom0-root in installer?

I’d like to increase the default size of qubes_dom0-root from 20G to say 40G for the purposes of automatic partitioning in the installer. I’m using a kickstart.

Kickstart-compatible answer preferred as the Anaconda graphics don’t play nice on 12th gen until kernel-latest is installed, so prefer to automate the installs.

With the default of 20G, the installer refuses to continue “not enough space in file systems for the current software selection” (am installing KDE in Dom0, Fedora, Debian, and Whonix templates).


[broken ks file]

For anyone else with this issue, see

Will update this thread when I find how to automate changing root from 20G to 40G.

See also: manual partitioning (custom installation): enhance documentation · Issue #5632 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Good call at the time but drives are routinely > 1T now, would be good to have this option configurable.