How To Get Last Attached USB to sys-usb?

Is there a way to get the last attached device to sys-usb?

I want to write a script that will a take a qube name and auto attach then mount the last USB that was plugged in.



Is there a way to get the last attached device to sys-usb?"

Actually, I was going to respond to what seems to be the interest of a lot of your posts. First of all, I suspect you are far more knowledgeable in Linux generally than I, but I have wondered about the same basic issue. While it is important to keep Information, Malware separate in different Qubes, it sometimes seems unnecessarily difficult to get information to where it is needed.

Personally I plan to stick with the design of Qubes, whose testing with same is to preserve Security of the whole Qubes OS.

My first thought was to use a USB Key to contain information which I could put in a Qube as desired. Obviously a really bad idea. I would have not idea when the USB Firmware might be compromised. And a compromised Qube might read, alter the information on the drive. Not to mention all the noise of USB commands.

I had also thought to do a hardware solution. to create a home, In my personal LAN a Cloud. Which would require I buy some more hardware. As I live in a house, I can guess no one would try to break the encryption of the Router, then the Cloud. But, I am poor, and it this is also not a very secure solution.

I am not clear on all the Pros and Cons, but to use a Mini SD card, with several encrypted partitions, and attach it to Qubes as needed. I was trying to get away from the USB problems.

Offers some testing possibilities.

I also use-test some other Distros which might be more to your liking for general use. I mean you are spending some time trying to disable one of, (what I thought) was one of the major security features of Qubes. There is Pure, used on Librem which uses Boxes as Virtual Machines. Easy OS, which is a smallish Puppy Linux type OS which uses Boxes. My problem with trusting ‘Easy OS’ is that basically the latest version is not well tested for security, when the next version is coming out. Pops OS,

Then I will point out a means of using a Linux OS that offers some unusual features. Long ago in the Puppy Linux circles, it used to be said that the most secure version of Puppy Linux is to use one of the varieties on a re-writable Optical Disk. Puppy Linux (and there are a lot of versions of different ages, with different purposes) is a very small footprint where the entire OS is loaded into main memory. It runs quite fast. It does not have a root password, the goal for security being that nothing is saved when the person reboots. I guess, also meaning that like Tails Linux, to create a fresh safe OS, one must reboot. Re-booting from an Optical Disk is painfully slow. The re-writable Optical Disk allows one to selective save information from one session to be used in later sessions. Obviously, this does not work very well for the standard use of a computer for a general all day use machine.

Sorry if I am off the exact topic here, but, like I said, I wanted to answer what little I know on the subject of passing information between Qubes.