How to, fedora-32-minimal nautilus samba

in fedora-32-minimal , nautilus app, what should i do to use smb:// ?
i already dnf install:

is there anything i missed?

problem solved what i missed is this =

sudo dnf  install gvfs-*

Note that Fedora 32 is not supported anymore (EOL). You should Install 33 or upgrade.

I thought upgrading is the same as updating i guess i’m wrong? so i need to follow the instruction above to upgrade it manually? or should i just wait for qubes 4.1 stable came out?

Upgrading is not the same as updating. There are no updates to Fedora 32 anymore. You should follow the procedure in my link. I personally just install Fedora 33 and change the template in my qubes and it works, but ymmv. Qubes 4.1 (stable) is not coming very soon I guess.

Finally i finished upgrading to fedora 33 thank you.