How to enable GUI VM on Qubes 4.1.2

Hi All,

I am a newbie. Bought a fresh Dell G15 with Nvidia graphics with Qubes 4.1.2 on it. Qubes is running fine and I was trying to install a new VM with an ISO ( Kali) but it doesnt bring up the GUI window like it does for the youtubers in their videos.

Do I need to enable something or install GUI drivers ?

If someone can guide me a step by step method to run a GUI VM on qubes will be helpful.

PS: Editing my query to make it more meaningful

Are you willing share what actually happens, when you try to run the installer?

  1. Will the machine allow you to try and start from a CD/DVD/USB?
  2. Do you get to select kernel you want to boot?
  3. Does the installer start, but fail to start X (the graphic interface) and leave you with a text interface?

If you get to “3.”, does it give an error message? - if so: what does it say?

Thank you for your time and attention.
So I am using the first option, i.e. boot via CD. While I browse the ISO file from a separate VM [personal]. I get a message that confirms ISO file found so i reckon there’s no error with the path.

Since I am trying to install Kali hence my base VM is debian-11. I am simply adding a new VM, with the required configuration followed by the path of the ISO in the form of CD. In multiple youtube videos it brings up a graphical installation window but in my case it just creates a debian based VM and I dont see the expected installation window. Anything I am missing out on ?

Right – you are a very different place, from what I expected … I read it as an issue wrt. installing Qubes OS itself.

I’ve seen a lot of topics about installing Kali on Qubes OS lately - which of those topics have you tried to follow?

FTR: I’ve not paid attention to the Kali topics, so I can’t recommend any. :-/

Its not specific to Kali, Its about installing a new VM with an ISO that should show up the OS installation screen upon boot.

I got the answer. I am stupid! besides that I was using AppVm instead of standalone.

Thanks @ChrisA

Oh, no one else here has ever made that mistake. In particular I can assure you that I have never, ever, ever made that mistake. Nope, nosiree, never…


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Hahahaha… Very sweetly put… Well I’m nervous being a newbie :)… But thank you for that motivation :slight_smile: