How to 'create' emergency backup of AppVMs?

I have a Qubes system that refuses to boot suddenly. I’m able to boot from an Ubuntu disk and decrypt the LUKS volume. I’ve looked at the “Emergency backup recovery (v4)” which shows recovery, I’m looking to replicate the backup process from the cli. Has anyone ever seen such a thing? I tried fixing boot, it complains that it can’t load Xen and then complains after trying to load the Linux kernel that Xen must be loaded first. Any help to get this going is appreciated.

I was able to fix my system, I’m going to make a backup immediately. Interestingly though, I recently ran some updates and through this process I think a package install may have something to do with my issue. The complain from the boot process was “cannot find /xen-4.14.1.gz”, when I booted the laptop from an Ubuntu disk, I found “xen-4.14.2.gz” which tells me it was upgraded but maybe interrupted somehow. I copied all of the xen-4.14.2 files to .1 and the system booted fine. Odd.

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Those instructions assume you’ve already created a Qubes backup. Those instructions are designed to allow you to restore from that backup even when you don’t have access to a Qubes installation. They’re not instructions for creating a backup when your system is already down. This is why it’s critical to make regular backups when everything is fine so that you’ll have them when things are inevitably not fine.

Good! :slight_smile: