How to create bootable usb from a domain

I just can’t understand how.
I mounted the USB to a domain, then I need the command
sudo mount /dev/xvdi /mnt [or another path] but I don’t know how to dd then a iso file as it will not allow me because that path it is a folder

How can I create a bootable usb from a domain?

I don’t think you should be mounting /dev/xvdi. You are correct in using the /dev/xvdi device – that would be the first “attached” block device for a domain. But I think, for the use case you’re describing, you need to dd on to /dev/xvdi directly, without mounting it. Something like:

dd of=/dev/xvdi if=/path/to/iso ...

Using dd is quite risky because it would overwrite the disk straight away, without any warnings. You might also want to look into a more user-friendly option, e.g. Balena Etcher. I have used both Balena Etcher and dd successfully to create bootable USBs (from sys-usb).

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Lol. I’m so stupid. Thanks