How to create a toolbar item with shortcuts from a specific Qubes VM

Hello folks,

Im using Qubes for some time and I like it for what I need. I use multiple VMs for multiple purposes and I need to create items/menus on the toolbar with all the apps from VMs because clicking the main menu all the time, hovering the right VM and choosing the app is annoying.

I use Xfce environment and I can’t find a way to put VMs folders with apps directly on toolbar. I used KDE and that environment is more friendly including the shortcuts on the toolbar. Though, I was experiencing forced restarts from time to time (happening after I changed from Xfce to KDE) and I decided to reinstall Qubes OS (installed the newest version 4.1.2).

Could anyone help me with an idea on how to create these menus separately on toolbar?

Thank you.

Hi @chrysstyann,
welcome to the Qubes-OS world.

When you add a launcher you can add multiple items, this creates a drawer (a kind of folder). See the official XFCE launcher documentation, and use the plus button to add the multiple items.

If you want to do the same but no manually, you can explore the Script panel launcher with multiple items XFCE forum topic.

But finally, I suggest the Whisker menu with its search area, install it and map it to a keyboard shortcut.

The first option would have worked just fine but the launcher puts an app directly on the toolbar instead of having an icon without any other functionality. If I put 3 apps inside, the launcher shows one of the app directly on the toolbar. Only if I click the arrow I can see the other 2 apps in the list.

create your own Applications Menu ?
in first results:

Edit the launcher, go to the Advanced tab, in the Arrow button position combo-box, choose Inside Button.

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