How to copy folder from dom0

Good morning,

I need to copy a “folder” from dom0 to domain. I know that…
qvm-copy-to-vm (target_vm) file
will copy just a file.

I want to copy a fold

What is my terminal cmd please?

Thank you all


Make a compressed file that contains a copy of the folder contents and move it to your target VM using something like:

tar -czvf move_this.tar.gz /path/to/folder/* && qvm-copy-to-vm <target_VM> move_this.tar.gz 

[If you are compressing files in the root directory, use sudo before tar.]

[The * in the folder path means “everything inside the folder”. && means wait until the first command is done before moving to the second command.]

In your target VM, go to ~/QubesIncoming/dom0 and decompress the file with:

tar -xzvf move_this.tar.gz

or open the file manager and double click on the file.

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No, it can copy folders just fine.


Good grief… thank you.

Thanks guys I’ll give it a go in the morning and let you know.

Well for some reason it’s not working anymore and strange things is I have done it before for files

qvm-copy-to-vm (target_vm) file

Maybe I am doing something wrong…