How to change my window size

I am new to qubes so i don’t really know too much, but i created a parrot os vm, not using a template and the window is a small rectangle. I try to make the window bigger and maximize the screen but it just doesn’t work. Someone plz help.

Assume you tried to change the window with your mouse…
Have you tried to change the window via the parrot settings - device/screen resolution “change to 1920x1080” ?

Umm no, would I have to type that in the parrot terminal?

not in the terminal. Just in the system settings, which every OS have. There, where you also can change the network and screensaver settings.
What you have in this ‘standalone’ VM is very similar to a OS on a single machine. You can change the settings there, as you would do, if you’re sitting in front of an Ubuntu or Windows Laptop/PC

I can’t find system settings but I did find resize protection. Is that it maybe?

i’m currently running parrot so i can help you
depend on how large the windows size and what de you use, there many way
this is in mate de
first, in “control center”, find

then in resolution

finally press “apply” or “apply system-wide” (recommend)


Thank you!

sorry for slightly late :sweat_smile:

And now me with a follow up question:

How can someone change the resolution over 1920x1080, when the latter is the last possible resolution on the standalone VM?
I’m running a 4k screen (Laptop and also on the external screen), but the max res on all standalones is 1920x1080. Would like to have set 25xx x something…

i remember i read somewhere that this is defined in bios (seabios)