How to change DNS server for disposable sys-net?

Hello, I am struggling with change DNS server (from to for example in my disposable sys-net. I changed it via GUI and in /etc/resolf.conf in sys-net, but it doesnt work.

What is recommended way how to persistently change DNS server for disposable sys-net, please?

Setup your connection via gui, then before reboot, copy xxx.nmconnection file from sys-net to sys-net’s dvm template’s


folder. That way, it’ll persist across reboots.

I am sorry, I am still not able to make it running properly or to find more information.

I made:

  • Open terminal in sys-net
  • cd /rw/config/NM-system-connections
  • there is config file for wired connections (where is already used my new DNS server setup via GUI)
  • I copied this file into template which is used for sys-net (is debian11-dvm or debian11 correct? I tried both but no luck)
  • I coppied it into /rw/config/NM-system-connections folder as a file with same name like in sys-net
  • dns resolving doesnt work except whonix-ws (expected)
  • reboot - still doesnt work

Thank you

Check qvm-prefs sys-net template in dom0 to identify the correct template.

Unfortunately it still doesn’t work.

  • I open firefox in debian-11-dvm which is using net-vm sys-firewall

  • sys-firewall is using net-vm sys-net

  • sys-net is using debian-11-dvm as a template

  • I changed DNS in GUI and than copied config from sys-net to debian-11-dvm

  • it doesnt work :frowning:

Anyone know where is issue please? Thank you

Can you post the content of .nmconnection from debian-11-dvm here? This should be trivial and I suspect you’re not doing something as said.

Regardless of the issue, please consider not to start anything in any template, especially connecting it online and running browsers…

I double checked it and I have correct IP ( in /etc/resolv.conf in my sys-net. Sys-firewall has 2 nameservers and (I didn’t change it and I am not using TOR for update).

Internet connection is working except Qubes update (“could not resolve host;”). Update is using sys-firewall.

Does anybody know where could be issue please? Thank you!

Caesar, I kindly asked you to post the content, while your messing with resolv.conf.
Even with that, you should read there that it is needed to

Run “resolvectl status” to see details about the uplink DNS servers currently in use.

Leave resolve.conf as it was and set DNS where you’ve been suggested to, or maybe someone else can help you with the way you think it should be done.

I am sorry, I am sending the content of nmconnection from debian-11-dvm below:

id=Wired connection 1





I would like to add that, if I understand correctly, because of the wrong DNS configuration, the dom0 update does not work for me, do I understand correctly? Why it is not enough to change the DNS server using the GUI? Everything worked before, before the DNS server was turned off on the router and external DNS servers (like are used on all PCs.

So, your issue is resolved. You successfully persistently changed DNS server for sys-net (to Please mark the post as a solution so it could help other users too.

Your second issue, not being able to update dom0 is completely different issue and has nothing to do with DNS server, so please open another topic with detailed info on htis, to provide it with better visibility.

At the end, maybe I’m wrong and others can relate DNS server in sys-net with dom0 update, while everything else works ok. Then the subject to this topic should be changed to better reflect the “issue”.

Thank you very much for your help!

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