How to build Qubes with patches from Xen?

Yesterday I filed an issue regarding hardware support for my HPZ800 and Nehalem era cpu’s I was wondering how to build a custom qubes image/iso where the following xenpatch is included ?

Follow these instructions to get a Qubes build environment: Qubes Builder | Qubes OS

Navigate to the qubes-src/vmm-xen directory, add the patch, bump release, and add the patch as an additional source in the spec file. Here’s an example: Add xen pstate patch · dmoerner/qubes-vmm-xen@4e91db0 · GitHub

By default, this will build against Xen 4.14.1 for R4.1. If you’re on R4.0, you’ll need to edit builder.conf and checkout a different branch of vmm-xen first. (Also make sure the patch applies against the correct version of Xen.)

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Thank you for your help so just to make sure I did everything correctly could you look at what i’ve done I think I made a crucial mistake and just wanted to be sure I understood everything correctly you can find the commit here