How to Boot into Qubes USB

I would like to completely reinstall it. but when I try the USB stick it just starts qubes normally. how do I get into the installation menu to completely reinstall qubes?

you must specify boot from usb in your bios, probably.

There is a newly written section on the install guide about this. See Getting to the boot screen.

adjusted title for clarity

When I Boot from the usb stick the normal qubes was starting. I want the install menu from the beginning…

I couldn’t find anything in it that solves Mel’s problem. when I go to the boot menu and use the boot stick, the qubes installations menu does not come up, but the already installed qubes is started normally, but I don’t want that! i want to completely reinstall qubes!

It should come up. If it doesn’t it may be the USB stick got corrupted or something. Can you try booting the USB stick on another computer (if you have it) so we can diagnose if the problem has to do with the USB stick or with the original computer?

If the USB stick is created from the ISO, using Rufus on a Windows PC, its partition is not activated, and so it cannot boot. Before using it, the partion has to be activated, using a tool like Gparted, and then the device sequence in BIOS has to be set such that the USB stick comes berfore the device containing the running Qubes system.

okay guys i got it right I just changed the boot order in the boot menu. thank you very much for your help and time!

best regards Tom!