How to block sys-usb-test from leaking to sys-usb?

I have my rear panel 3.1 and internal USB2.0 / intel controller attached to sys-usb and front panel usb 3.1 / asmedia controller attached to sys-usb-test. When I connect devices like a flash drive to the front panel, lsusb shows it in sys-usb.

I had planned on attaching the controller for sys-usb-test to Windows. Windows picked up the controller but didn’t pick up the drive. Fortunately, that particular Windows template didn’t have network connection.

Is there a way to ensure pci devices like usb controllers are contained in their respective qube?

This shouldn’t happen.

Sounds like weird hardware to me.

I found two rear panel ports previously assigned to the Intel controller has moved to the ASMedia controller. So the controller themselves haven’t leaked but the ports moved. Is this possible or is it me?