How to backup LVM thin pool and restore on new Qubes install?

My Qubes won’t boot due to a formatted disk, which LVM complains about. This disk had an empty LVM thin pool on it.
However all my data was on another thin pool on other disks, which are connected.

How do I backup this pool, so that it’s possible to mount it and restore it on my new install?

I realize this is more LVM-related than Qubes, but I’m stupid and this forum’s the best. Thanks

It wasn’t LVM but LUKS that errored out. LVM doesn’t care as long as all detected VGs have all PVs in it mounted.
I booted a rescue disk (Qubes automatic rescue never worked) and mounted /, edited fstab and crypttab to reflect the new changes.

Thanks for reporting back and marking as the solution what worked for you.