How to allow access to sys-audio for only select VMs?

It would be neat if we could allow access to sys-audio to only select VMs, I don’t see any reason why sys-net or sys-usb should have access to it. Does anyone know how this can be achieved?

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That is completely correct logic I’m using as well.
So, in dom0 I’m using

$ qvm-prefs default_audiovm ‘’

to set none as default audiovm, and then manually set sys-audio for each desired qb. For example, for disposable browsing qubes, it is needed to set sys-audo as default audoivm to their dvm template

$ qvm-prefs f38-firefox-dvm(template) audiovm sys-audio

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You mean qubes-prefs default_audiovm ''? Since qvm-prefs default_audiovm '' throws an error.

Let’s say you run:

qvm-prefs f38-firefox-dvm(template) audiovm sys-audio

How would you revert it?