How to access vm's files/directories

I need my Qubes USB stick to work on Xubuntu to view my files/access data.

My Qubes OS boot has issues and I cannot get into the system so I need another solution to access data.

My data is stuck in vm–vault. How can I view it in Xubuntu? I don’t see any files in my config folder.

Here’s what i did so far:
I plugged in the Qubes USB and unlocked the password, and it opened up 20+ volumes.

I see all the directories by typing in terminal:

lsblk -f.

How can I find my files/directories hidden in my vm–vault?

You have to mount your vm-vault-private somewhere.

If you have mounted the USB under /mnt/, then the volumes are at
/mnt/dev/, although they are linked from /mnt/dev/qubes_dom0 under
recognisable names.

When you say “opened up”, it’s possible that your Ubuntu has already made
the volumes available, and they may appear in your file manager.