How sys-net is working and tinyproxy

How can I find how sys-net is working and maybe make some changes into it.

  • create a sys-net-wifi that will work only with WiFi
  • create a sys-net-cable that will work only with cable

I saw sys-net is using tinyproxy on port 8082 … is this something that should be there?
What I’d like to do is having e.g. internet from wifi but create a lan with another PC via cable and communicate with that one via cable and go to the internet via wifi

so make general qubes use sys-net-wifi and some specific qubes sys-net-cable

Right now, how things are configured, I can’t do so as if I’ll connect to wifi and then to the cable I’ll lose internet connections [and I’ll have only the communication with the pc connected via cable]

Yes. I think that’s the UpdatesProxy, which templates use for fetching updates.

You should be able to do this, unless your hardware has some unusual limitations. Basically, it all depends on what devices are attached to a specific sys-net. By default, sys-net has both WIFI and Ethernet cards attached. Read the Qubes docs for more info.

Thank you

For those interested on doc How to use PCI devices | Qubes OS