How much security do Iose if use 1vyrain/anti-evil maid versus Heads

I see the advantage of using a Nitro Key with Heads.

Since the advantages of 1vyrain have changed some.
I believe one can add anti-evil maid.
With the option for 1vyrain/anti-evil Maid.
I am under the impression I have almost met all the better Security needs.

Intel ME turned off.
I can use hardware like alternate Keyboard. Better WiFi card.

Not sure about alternate battery manufacturer.

Heads does offer an other form of verification of not being tampered with than Anti-Evil Maid software. The NitroKey verification.

Also, one I am under the impression, not to try to install Heads if one has installed the first two pieces of software. ()1vyrain and anti-evil maid. Although I did try to roll back the X-230 BIOS/EFI Firmware to a traditional IBM state. Somehow that X-230 became Gorked.

Since I have not modified the Current X-230 I am using. I can not experience what happens. Or how dependable the “changes” of either of the three are. (1vyrain/anti-evil Maid versus - Heads with a Nitrokey verification).