How government-mandated client side scanning may affect Qubes

Hi guys, what do you thing about eu planning client side scanning, and what you will do in a worse case scenario to protect your privacy/anonymity?

Which influence that would have on qubesos?

Also this one:

@Qubesuser37 this is not the forum to discuss this. Adding “which influence that would have on qubes os?” doesn’t make it so.

Sorry for contradicting your mod decision @Sven but I think there may be a spin where this could affect Qubes or at least some clarification is needed.

Governments are getting crazy ideas about mandating clinte-side scanning or backdoors. So I think this broader topic has been brought time and time again and I welcome @Qubesuser37 to look them um the forum. They often end up being closed because conversations like these often lead to speculation upon speculation.

Qubes is an open source tool that users install. Code is also scrutinized by a community. Unlike proprietary systems like iOS where they only find about “features” because apple mentioned it or some security researcher found “interesting” stuff, here we have much greater transparency.

Furthermore, the Qubes team is passionate about the project. Developping a government-mandated backdoors would probably not be a thing that would happen. Imagine working on a security project you care about and forced to undermine its security by some bureaucrat?! More easily would the project be disolved than backdoored.

Lastly, I have opened this topic to provide some clarifications that the original poster may not be aware about the nature of Qubes OS. Any and all discussion should be about how this could affect Qubes OS, otherwise it will just be closed again.


Thank you for your clarification, I understand it is open source, just dont know the exact jurisdication or if qubes in any way could be enforced to anything. As I understand being open source doesnt protect the project from following the laws.

Also is there any risk that there could be a backdoor in qubes templates, if they use software where the software provider is headquarted in EU and can be enforced to implent a backdoor? I think this question isnt related too much to qubesos.

Im pretty new to this topic and not to much into policitics so excuse me for stupid questions

They are not stupid questions. As far as I understand it Invisible Things Lab (the company behind Qubes) is either headquartered in Poland or Germany.

I don’t fully understand the extent of the law, but I recommend you reading into this matter more yourself.

What I am sure of is that this project would not continue if forced to undermine the security of users.

If you’re EU-based I can also recommend that you join an organization which works on these issues. Look into, for example. They are actively lobbying pro digital rights at the EU level and have partner organizations in almost every EU country.

1 Like and are also worth checking out if you are interested in privacy and digital rights in the EU.

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This organization can also be interesting, it fights especially against this kind of law, mainly in France and EU
La Quadrature du Net


Thanks everyone for your answers and the linked organisations :slight_smile:

It’s Germany. It has not been Poland for many years now. However, I would think that the Qubes OS Project is a separate entity from ITL. Then again, I’m not a lawyer and don’t have access to any records, so I don’t really know.