How do I do a full update of the TOR Browser?

Although I have a full updated whonix the tor browser is telling me that it has an update (in my DVM).
When I do the update it is gone after DVM restart,
The question is: How do I do an persistent TOR browser update in whonix?


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Run sudo update-torbrowser in whonix-ws-15.


Thank you, it solved the issue! Ideally, this should be automatic though.

For future readers, in the Qubes GUI:

Q->Template: whonix-ws-15->whonix-ws-15: Tor Browser Downloader (AnonDist).

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This is interesting. Thanks.
@QubicRoot how is it possible that the “Template: whonix-ws-15” can even connect to the internet? It does not have a network connected…

Please see

sadly, per a Tor Browser video, it appears they are going to change to targeting mobile phone users, hence there has been and will be many many updates , apparently some rolling update model, I am already tired of updating it , might stop using it