How connect USB/transfer files in Android qube

Hi, How to send file between Android qube and other qube in Qubes 4.1.0, attached pendrive to Android qube not work.

This will only work if you have Qubes tools installed in to the “Android
You might be able to do this if you have based the “Android qube” off a
supported template.
If you installed as a standalone, it’s extremely unlikely that you will
be able to install Qubes tools at all. Even if you do,unlikely that they
will not break you qube.
Depends entirely on what sort of “Android qube” you have, and how you built it.

Without Qubes tools the best you can do is set up file sharing between
qubes, or pass some ‘storage volume’ between them. Again, depends on
what sort of Android you have.

@ueeyr385 - you have to explain what sort of Android qube you have and
how you built it, and (for bonus marks) in what way attaching a USB
drive not work.

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I installed android9x86.iso in standaloneVM. Everything work is perfectly but connect pendrive from “Qubes devices” not work.

@unman (sorry for my English) I needs to transfer files between qube and android9 any way

no need for apology - very clear.
qubes devices route will not work.
You could install (e.g)syncthing, or ssh,and link between qubes using IP
-you will need to allow traffic between qubes

What you could try, if your hardware is suitable, is to give a whole usb controller to your android qube. This worked for me.

As unman said, you have two options:

  1. Transfer file over the network
  2. Use a pendrive

If I connect the entire USB controller I will receive an error “Error:QubesVMError- Domain “android-client” qrexec not connected”

That is interessting. For me it worked when turning to HVM mode. Maybe your best option then would be to use something like syncthing, nextcloud or other file sharing systems.