How can I create a new Disposable (in 4.1 - Debian-based)?

I tried to create a new disposable and failed. Here’s what I did:
Create Qubes VM > Name: my-new-qube > Type: Disposable VM (fully volatile) > Template: debian-11-dvm.
my-new-qube was created but it’s a Qube and not a Disposable. I rebooted the system and nothing changed. It acts like a normal Qube.
What did I do wrong? My system is Qubes 4.1 running Debian as default template for disposables.

qvm-features debian-11-dvm appmenus-dispvm 1

Hi @enmus. I had read the documentations, but didn’t find an answer to my question. I also read through the various posts here on this forum and did not locate a solution. This is why I reached out on this forum with my question.

You wrote:

But it is already (by default) appmenus-dispvm 1 (I checked).

I just followed the command-line method using the instructions here:

And it worked. I now have a new Template + Disposable.
I guess I still don’t understand the new Disposable system in Qubes 4.1. Can several Disposables be based on one Template for Disposable?

There’s a difference between DispVM and disposableVM, what you have try to create in #1 is DispVM based on AppVM.

There’s no difference in both except, DispVM use a persistence name, while disposableVM using disp-xxxx.

example of DispVM is - sys-net, sys-firewall, sys-usb.
as you may know, we use qubes policy to connect vm a to vm b, because the vm name is persistence we don’t need to change the rules everytime we want to connect.

example of disposableVM is - Apps that use firefox / thunderbird / anything.

example of building disposableVM - create an AppVM based on the template, then go to settings > advanced > tick Disposable template.

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Thank you. You are correct. It turned out that the DispVM that I created initially was indeed disposable - but the name persisted. So I was wrong in my initial post.

The disposableVM I created using the command-line changes its name to disp-xxxx every time.

Now that I understand this, I see that there is value in a Qube DispVM with a persistent name. I can open Firefox, files, LibreOffice more easily in this DispVM, via the normal menu.

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