High %CPU usage in VM's with little activity

I’m running a I7-3840QM 16gb RAM & I am getting spikes to 100% CPU usage on Dom0 & Whonix-vm’s that aren’t conducting any strenuous activity whatsoever, causing VM’s to shutdown, and the laptop to crash.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot, and potentially remedy this issue?

In xentop & top in AppVM’s I am not seeing any particular process that accounts for this. Xorg is at the top, but I am not seeing one process spiking to near these levels.

Thank you.

Adding this for context. The issue was not CPU usage, this was a noob error in misreading the xentop information. The issue was RAM, and due to all VM’s using their max allocation of RAM (which were all 4GB), the system was crashing. I’m still not quite sure if it is expected behavior that a VM will reserve its max RAM allocation and not share any of that free RAM when the system is under strain elsewhere.

If someone can inform me if that is expected behavior I would appreciate it, but since I’ve adjusted my RAM allocation the system is usable.

Admins feel free to delete this post as I suppose it doesn’t offer much future value to anyone diagnosing their Qubes issues.