Hey freedom fighters. Any easy way to record audio in qubes?

hey. What would be the best way to record sound in a cube in Qubes? I tried Audacity, but it did not pick up any sound. If it’s hard to record in Qubes i can easily do that on another computer, but just thought i would ask if there is a way in this brilliant security OS? Thanks. =)

Which sound? … from a microphone? Did you connect the microphone to
the cube?


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Hi @temporary1,
check also the audio mixer in the tray bar (speaker icon, Audio mixer…, see the tabs : Recording, Input Devices, Configuration).
Note: muted microphone is a common mistake.

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Hey. Just line out. What i hear in the speakers… No mic. Thanks

Thanks! I missed that one… Doh. Gonna check.
Ok, solved! I changed one setting in that meny and it worked. Thanks for your answers=)
Hmm. I could have tried harder before asking on here, but thanks for your answers!