Helping with testing

Hey! What is the best way I can contribute through testing right now? I was looking at the fedora-34-minimal template and sys-gui in particular but was wondering whether any more work was needed on these. Thanks!

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As a side note: I tend to reinstall my OS quite often, so system breakage won’t be a problem for me

Hi, thanks for willingness to help Qubes OS! You could for example test sys-gui: Feedback Qubes OS alpha with sys-gui and Attempted to create a VM with sys-gui.

Also, audio VM: AudioVM outside of dom0 · Issue #1590 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

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If you are using 4.1, enabling the qubes testing repositories in dom0
and the templates, and reporting back on any issues you find in ordinary
use, would be a huge benefit.
You could also look at some of the open issues on
github, and dive
in by confirming a report, or commenting on proposed solutions. If you
prefer to use the Forum, that’s fine, just cross reference to GitHub.
There’s some suggestions on the web site


I just enabled the testing repositories on 4.1! I’ll report any issues I come across.

Hi! I am currently running the command to create sys-gui-gpu. However, I couldn’t find anything about enabling an AudioVM. Do you know whether it’s possible to create one?

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Unfortunately I don’t know how to test AudioVM. If you cannot find it out from the code (I can’t), and willing to test more things, there is another thing to test: Windows support in Qubes OS.

Another thing to test now: