Help with setting up Tor bridge/relay

I am trying to set up a Tor bridge at this point. The only direction I am able to find is found here at Tor Project | Debian / Ubuntu. So I went ahead and created a standalone VM based off of the Debian 10 template in order to execute these instructions.

For the Qubes side of things I found this: The Qubes Firewall | Qubes OS and so have been following the detailed instructions for “Port forwarding to a qube from the outside world”. I did as directed however there is some confusion with this line of the instructions " nft add rule ip qubes-firewall forward meta iifname eth0 ip daddr 10.137.0.x tcp dport 443 ct state new counter accept". I know that with those other steps you need to replace 192.168.0.x,10.137.1.x, 10.137.2.x, etc with your sys-net, sys-firewall, bridge VM. But not sure what the IP it is asking for in that particular line I have referenced? Hoping my question is making sense. Can someone help me out, or point me in the right direction for setting up my Qubes 4.0.3 install for a Tor Bridge? Any help is greatly appreciated.